Month: December 2016

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James, Kurt and Lacey review the WW2 themed board game Black Orchestra. In Black Orchestra you play conspirators trying to assassinate Hitler, similar to the movie Project Valkyrie. Black Orchestra is produced by Game Salute.


We have talked about this game several times on other episodes, so I thought we would give it a quick review. Since recording this Lacey and I finally killed Hitler with poison gas. So check it out it’s a fun game we enjoy when people are late or missing and we aren’t going to play an RPG.


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Lacey and James recommend and geek out about holiday gifts and ideas.


Board Games

Black Orchestra

Game Wright– Sushi Go, Sushi Go Party

Cash & Guns



Room 25

Haba Games

Pretzel Games– Flick em up

Riff Raff

Ice Cool



Fate Core


7th Sea

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

D&D 5e



Terry Pratchett—Discworld, Good Omens

Tracy Hickman—Dragonships, Dragonlance, Wayne of Gotham



Faithless Main


City Maps


Oh Christmas Geek

Think Geek



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Lacey, Kurt and James review the world building game Microscope from Lame Mage Productions.

Sorry for the sound quality in this one. It’s not really up to our normal standards. Had a mic issue and didn’t realize it until editing but we still wanted to get a review out to you this week.

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James, Lacey and Kurt talk about killing characters in game and how to use character death to add drama and suspense. We also talk about players that are on the fence about character death and trying to get them on board.

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Lacey, James and Kurt review Bully Pulpit Games’ Fiasco. Fiasco is a RPG inspired by movies of small heists and cons gone horribly wrong (think Fargo or Burn After Reading).



Here we are again. As the holiday season pushes on and we wake from our turkey induced sleep, let’s talk about movies. Not the blockbusters that everyone knows about, but smaller produced movies and ones from eras that most of us haven’t seen. Some smaller or indie movies can be really artsy and awful to suffer through. That’s not what we are after. We are looking for thematic and inspirational movies that can’t get a major release.


Movies like one of my favorites, Ink. If you are looking for inspiration for a modern fairytale, urban fantasy, it seems like the quintessential Changling the Lost game. Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth was very popular, but there are two other films that go along with it: Devil’s Backbone and The Orphanage. These are very close to Changeling also, but with much stronger horror elements than Ink.


Most people know the Nosferatu movie, but few have ever watched it. It sets such a tone of dread and horror without saying a single word. There are not many movies that still hold up after nearly 100 years.


If you want to run neo noir, near future games look at Narcopolis. It has the classic hard-boiled detective of noir movies set in a near future world with corporate influences similar to shadow run.


Surreal movies like Pi and Dark City fit right into games like Don’t Rest Your Head. Dark, ominous, and unsure of what is real and what isn’t.


Shorts can have just as much to offer as full length movies. Project Arbiter inspired an entire Dust Adventures campaign. I played the short for the players, and the game took off with them going to recover the research deep in Axis territory.


This post could go on and on. So I think I will stop here after giving you so much to check out. My advice is to watch these movies and shorts for inspiration, but don’t share it with your players right away. Run the games and sessions with their inspiration, and then share them after.


Let us know what you think of these or any other awesome and inspiring movies below.