Inspiration Alley

November 28, 2016 James No comments exist

Inspiration Alley

With the passing of Thanksgiving, black Friday and cyber Monday, we are in the full swing of the holiday season. Which means several things for most of us, extra shifts and overtime for extra money for holiday gifts, visits from family, and ultimately, less time for the games we love.


But don’t despair just yet. Why not use this time to recharge creative batteries and find new sources for inspiration? Not the usual ones like Stranger Things, Walking Dead, and all the other things that 90% of us know about. What about the odd things that each of us sees and finds inspiration in? Lots of these don’t get passed on. So that’s what my next few blog entries will be. Art, film, graphic novels, and stories that, with a little luck and game prep, will kick start the year with fresh and newly inspired story lines.


Lacey and I met Vincent Marcone in the artist section at GenCon 2016. His artwork immediately caught our eye. It has a whimsical and dark style that demands a second look. Long story short we left GenCon with several pieces.

Hung by the chimney with care.



Art is one of those funny things where what one person loves another just sees junk. So find what you like and explore websites like beautiful bizarre for contemporary artists. If you prefer the impressionism of VanGogh, Google modern impressionism to see new artwork to draw ideas from. The same is true for Dali and surrealism.


I suppose the point of all of this is, if we continue to go to the same places for inspiration we are inevitably going to tell the same stories. So follow the white rabbit down the hole into the limitless land of Google and find something new. Something that sparks that exciting new story and if it’s truly amazing share it with the rest of us.

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