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For us in the US, the arrival of Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the holiday season. Which, for a lot of us, means seeing family, big meals and time spent traveling. The unfortunate consequence of all the holiday activities is that our gaming time gets sidelined until January. Campaigns fade away and excitement about the new game fades. Once January arrives, the first few sessions are spent recapping and trying to recapture the excitement of the games we left behind.


So this is the part where I am supposed to make suggestions about how to keep the excitement for the games we have alive. Send emails and texts, think of new adventures and what your characters can do during the downtime. The reality for most of us is that finding time to do this is difficult because of all the extra things that are taking away from our normal game time. Now I have to make time to do something else that just reminds me of what I am missing out on.


How about some real solutions that might actually work.


On Wednesday you’re going to hear us talk about ending games. So why not put this to practical use and play an ending chapter for the games that you are running now. It may give you and your players a chance to come back in January refreshed and excited for chapter 2. Short notice I know, but then again there’s no time like the present.


If you know that your gaming is going to wind down for a while, why not try and introduce some of your non-gaming family to the board game and RPG world.


<Gasp> You mean game with granny?


Well why not? There are lots of zero prep party style games out there that are lots of fun. Fiasco, Juggernaut or if you’re feeling brave maybe Apocalypse World or one of its derivatives.


Maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge with the fam. Then the answer could be some of the board games that are out there: Catan, Flick ’em Up, or Cash and Guns. Nothing beats getting held up and shot for 20k by old Auntie Muriel.


The point is almost everyone likes having fun and people will surprise you. Instead of sitting around and talking about how school or work is going or the myriad of other conversations that we have over and over, why not introduce your family to the hobby that we all love and spend so much time enjoying?


Watch some videos of grandparents playing Cards Against Humanity, and you will realize that everyone enjoys having a good laugh and playing games. You just have to get them to relax and give it a try.

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